Once A Month Mom Update – Grocery Shopping and 3 More Meals!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have decided to try to be a  Once A Month Mom and am starting with April’s Traditional Menu (However, the May menu is now up but I needed a couple of days to plan).

Today I went grocery shopping (it only took me about 30 minutes more than it normally does)…I’ve never filled my cart so full or spent so much at the grocery store! It made me a tad nervous! So I spent around $275, which does include some items not on the Once A Month shopping list that we needed in the house, paper towels, cereal, etc…so it’s not exactly what it will cost. What killed me a little was the chicken…next time I need to plan this around when it’s on sale! However, if that’s all I have to spend for the rest of our dinners and some of our breakfasts this month that would be awesome!

After putting the groceries away and working for 2 hours, Capri woke up from her nap, had lunch and I got to work. Today I made Ham Chowder (I tasted it – it’s good!), Herbed Beef (technically this one is still in the slow cooker…), and Paula Deen’s Tacos. I think it was the most productive afternoon I’ve ever had! I’m actually going to make another batch of the Buttermilk Bacon Cheddar Biscuits tonight so I can take them to my moms’ group tomorrow morning!


Grocery Shopping Completed!

Breakfasts – 1 of 3 completed

Lunches – 1 of 4 completed

Dinners – 2 of 8 completed

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