Mommy Mondays – Cloth Diapers – “what we use” Edition

So I’ve mentioned on here before that we cloth diaper, but I don’t think I’ve ever given a whole lot of details on it. We started cloth diapering around the time Capri was 2 months old (I didn’t have any newborn size diapers that would fit her and I wasn’t ready to jump into the washing of cloth diapers while I was trying to figure everything else out! Not to mention, when you’re a first time mom, or maybe just if you’re me, it was really helpful to have the Pampers Swaddlers with the little line that changed color when the diaper needed to be changed!). Anyway, we’ve been cloth diapering for a year now. In case you’re interested, I thought I’d let you know what we use/do and how we’ve liked it.

Let’s start by saying I’m a HUGE proponent of cloth diapering! We love it (yes, my husband loves it too). There are so many reasons to do it – 1) cloth diapers are super cute, 2) it saves a TON of money 3) it’s good for the environment 4) less chemicals on your little baby…and I’m sure there are more but those are kind of my top reasons…

I think I might need to break this post up a bit…there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to cloth diapers. So I’ll start with just a post letting you know which diapers I’ve tried and what I’ve liked and disliked. I’m not receiving anything for my review or mention of these brands – it’s just my thoughts.

Gdiapers. I had heard a lot about Gdiapers and they are available at Target and Babies R Us, but I had some friends who had used them and didn’t highly recommend them so I didn’t plan on using them. However, our local grocery store, HEB, apparently had them as well and decided not to carry them anymore so they put them on clearance – I got 6 covers for under $10 – ridiculous! I also got some disposable inserts on clearance but went ahead and purchased the cloth inserts. I LOVED these! The ones I had purchased were smalls and I am so glad I got them because they were significantly smaller than all the other diapers I had and fit her great when we first started with cloth and they had way less bulk. Having liked them so much, I bought 4 more in medium when she grew out of them…sadly I did not like them as much in the larger size – I had trouble with leaks. So my conclusion – I loved them when she was little bitty but didn’t love them as she got older. They do come in the best colors though! They have a newborn kit that I have on my registry and would love to try with this next baby, but it’s pretty expensive so we’ll see…

GroVia. So, first I should say that I don’t technically have GroVia diapers. They were originally GroBaby and the 7 covers I have are GroBaby covers before they re-branded and I assume they made some changes to their diapers as well. Some of my snap-in soakers are the new ones though. I got these used for like $10 each which is awesome because I think they retail for over $20. I really loved these at the begining. I rarely use them now and the reason is this, 6 of the 7 were hook & loop (think velcro) and they wore out – again these are the old ones, hopefully this has been fixed with the new ones. That said, the one I have that has snaps is awesome. I’m planning on replacing the velcro sometime soon. That’s really been my only complaint with these. I know they say you can air out the cover and re-use it before washing. I tried that a few times and still thought it had a smell and decided not to do it…

Bumgenius AIO. These diapers are awesome! Of course, now they only make this in a newborn size 😦 Jeremy loves these – of course, they are sized and an all-in-one! I got 3 smalls on craigslist for $10 total and I don’t even think they were used! They were great when she was little because again, less bulk. I also have one in a medium and one in a large. I love these – super easy and I normally keep them in her diaper bag for when she’s at church or for the baby sitter because they are essentially just like a disposable. So I love these but again now they only sell these exact ones in the newborn size.

Bumgenius Elementals. I love these too! I had these from the very beginning and I think overall maybe my favorite. Definitely my favorite One Size diaper. They were bulky at the beginning but I felt like they still fit better when she was little than my other one size. These are spendy too since they are all in one and organic. I got my three pairs pre-owned and they were in excellent condition so I couldn’t even tell. I guess one complaint is that recently I’ve noticed some little holes in some of the cotton so I wonder if they wear is getting to them since we use them a lot. We used these as our nighttime diapers until we had to switch to disposables at night. I don’t think I’ve ever had a leak with these diapers.

Cotton Babies Econobum. This is a recent aquisition. In planning for the new baby I knew I would need to add some diapers to our stash and these are super inexpensive. I have been VERY happy with these! I just got the Trial Pack which is a cover and 3 prefolds. These prefolds are awesome – so thick! I love these and if I decide I need more this is probably what I’ll do.

FuzziBunz OS Pocket. Probably the only diaper I own that I do NOT like. Luckily I only have one. This has never fit her correctly and leaks almost every time I put it on her. You’d think it wouldn’t because it has adjustable leg gussetts but I can’t seem to get the right fit for her. And this is the reason I’m glad I did not just get a whole bunch of the same diaper – a word to the wise – get several different kinds – you won’t know what’s going to be best!

FuzzinBunz Perfect Size Pocket. I got one of these as a gift but I bought 4 of them on sale. All of mine are a size small and for a little while they have been some of my favorites. I love the practicality of a one size diaper, but sized diapers just have less bulk. All five of mine are a size small and at 14 months she still fits in them! To be fair, she’s pretty petite. I don’t think these fit her as soon as some of her other diapers, but they have lasted the longest of any of her sized diapers. I think these are great! By the way, this is what Capri is wearing in the picture above!

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. This is another recent addition. I am thinking about using the Bummis Newborn Pack with our  next baby and thought I’d try out one of their covers with Capri. I have both flat diapers and prefolds that I put in it. I have really liked it so far and they have some cute colors. It’s another good route for an inexpensive diapering option.

ThinkLiz Pocket Diapers.  Finally, the backbone of my diaper stash. My awesome friend Beth over at ThinkLiz made me these diapers! Actually the ones pictured are almost all mine and the one in her tutorial is mine too! These are great! They are Jeremy’s favorites – he thinks they are cute and super easy to use. These have fit her the whole time and she still has plenty of room to grow in them. Thinking about making your own diapers? You should totally check out her tutorial!

In conclusion, I think variety is a great idea. I’ve loved each of my diapers more than others at a different stage with Capri. It’s been great to have several different kinds. I think now that I have the hang of it, I would venture more into the prefolds with covers as I have with the Bummis and Econobum but when I first started that seemed really overwhelming! So that’s what we have! If there was one other brand I would love to try – Thirsties – I hear great things about them, but alas it’s just not necessary right now! Do you have any questions?

5 thoughts on “Mommy Mondays – Cloth Diapers – “what we use” Edition

  1. Thirsties Duo Wraps are great for newborns too…I liked them a little better than the Bummis. They have an extra gusset in the leg to catch more solid material. 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the info Ellie! I came a little late to the CD party (started about 15 months with Harper), so I will definitely need to try some other options with the next one in the beginning. I have BG (3.0, 4.0 & Elemental all OS) & GroVia (3 shells & 3 AIOs, OS) – GroVia are by far the least bulky for a OS option, but are also pretty pricey. And since they are not as popular yet, harder to find on sale, at least in my experiece. GV also have great disposable/biodegradable inserts for traveling/babysitters/daycare, etc.

    I also bought ALL my Bumgenius on either Craigslist or eBay. At least half were brand new or used once or twice only. And I got them for half or less of retail (an average of $12 for about 25 diapers!). A few were used for about a year. I could care less about getting used diapers (but I can see how some people wouldn’t want used ones), and it was SO MUCH CHEAPER, and most were not even really used, and half still had tags on them. I highly recommend this option – it can allow you to get the more expensive/AIO diapers for the price of covers/prefolds. Or just have more to rotate through your stash. EBay is also a GREAT place to find stashes of newborn diapers – those are only used for a couple of months, and then are outgrown. People are selling them all the time. You can also find lots of used BG AIO sized diapers on eBay.

  3. Ahh those are still so cute! I’m so glad that they ended up working for you and for such a long time! Jude can still fit in his and he’s almost 3 but I know he’s a skinny one. Man, I feel so far removed from the CD world now! It’s fun to read your post about them!

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