Toddler Tuesday – Pet Store Edition

My dear friend Beth over at thinkliz hosts a weekly post called Toddler Tuesday, and I am excited to link back to it!

Pet Store: We’ve been busy here lately and I haven’t had a lot of time to be creative or even take pictures of what we have done. However, yesterday we had to drop our car off at the dealership to get fixed and then take Jeremy to work. We were out of dog food so I thought we’d go to PetSmart and pick some up but according to their website they didn’t open until 9 (turns out they actually open at 7). So we had a mom/daughter morning at Chick-Fil-A. She’s never eaten there before and despite having already eaten breakfast she had a few hash browns while I ate my free sandwich! We didn’t venture into the play area because I wasn’t sure she was quite ready for that, but it was an enjoyable time anyway.

Then we went over to the pet store – she LOVED it! We’ve gone once before and she was mesmerized by the fish but this time was way more fun! Again she loved the fish…we went back to look at them 3 times! She also enjoyed the birds. Unfortunately all the little rodents were still sleeping. The best part – they were having a dog training class and they were all in the room behind the big window! There were at least 15 dogs in there running and around and she just stood at the window pointing and giggling! So cute! We bought dog food and a dog tag for Turner but we were still there for at least 30 minutes looking at all the animals – it was very fun!


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