Toddler Tuesday

My dear friend Beth over at thinkliz hosts a weekly post called Toddler Tuesday, and I am excited to link back to it!

Water Play: Last week we got out a bucket, filled it with water and played…Not a complicated activity but it was really fun. We did it again a few days later with a smaller bucket and ended up getting really wet!

Rabb Play for All Abilities Park in Round Rock: Thrive (like MOPS) set up playgroups by age so we had our first outing yesterday morning at the Play for All Abilities Park in Round Rock. I hadn’t been there before but had heard good things – what an awesome park! There is so much to do and experience and Capri can do so much of it because of all the ramps and because the playscape was big enough for me to walk on with her – it was awesome! She was super tired once we left! I might have to try to make going there a weekly thing!

Here she is playing in some water…

And here we are taking a little break and getting some water from our Klean Kanteen!

Toddler Muffins: And on Sunday I made these Toddler Muffins that I saw on Pinterest! They have been a big hit (both with Capri and Jeremy!). They were pretty easy and although I didn’t taste them they smelled good. These were also a huge step for my because I hate bananas – generally I don’t even allow them in my home but I actually made this recipe all by myself – peeled the bananas and everything – it was a big moment for me!


One thought on “Toddler Tuesday

  1. So cute! It’s amazing how entertaining water can be for kiddos. I’m going to have to give those toddler muffins a whirl, people keep talking about them! And way to go peeling those bananas!

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