Mommy Mondays – Kids’ Bible Edition

In an attempt to organize my brain and my blogging I’m going to try to organize my posts by day of the week. Since I’ve decided to jump into Toddler Tuesday I thought I’d throw in a Mommy Monday as well. I see Toddler Tuesday to be more about activities with Capri where Monday can be pretty much anything I want it to be!

Today – Kids’ Bibles!

I read Capri a Bible story before her morning nap every day – and if for some reason I’m not with her for her morning nap, we make sure that it’s always the first thing we read that day. I own three children’s Bibles, 2 from my own childhood. Here are some thoughts…

This is the first Bible I read aloud to Capri, Our Together-Time Bible. My mom bought this for Capri before she was born and it was the first one we read through. I’m excited to read through it again when she’s older – I love the stories and there are great questions, activities, and a prayer after each one! I think there are a couple of different versions of this It is supposed to be for ages 4 and up and that’s probably about right…


This is the Bible we’re reading through right now, The Book for Children. This is one from my childhood and holds a very special place in my heart. My mom wrote an inscription on the front – “no occassion, we decided you needed a Bible with more to it than the one we had read five times since May! We read a couple of chapters here this night and you asked Jesus to be your Savior, September 23, 1987″ Yay! This is the Bible that was read to me and captured my little toddler heart! I’ve been reading it to Capri and we’re about halfway through. Now, obviously this is an older version, and the biggest quirk is that it calls the Israelites ‘Israelis” which kind of kills me but I just change it when I read it! It is now out of print 😦 but is still available from some sellers like Amazon both new and used. What I love is that it has a lot of stories in it that I think kids’ Bibles tend to miss and it’s very accurate – it pretty much says right what’s in the Bible without sugar coating it too much or leaving things out…This is for children 4 – 8 and that’s probably right but for now when we’re just reading books together, I think it’s great and on occasion it’s explained a story to me that I didn’t really know the meaning for! So I really like this one!

And another Bible from my childhood and probably the one my mom mentioned us reading so many times! The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by the same author as the previous one I mentioned. I’m pretty sure this one is out of print too but they remade it. We haven’t read this one yet but I think it will be good in the near future. Again ages 4 and up but I think younger would be fine. The stories are just a paragraph long with a picture for each and 2-3 questions. It also gives the reference to where it is in the Bible.

So that’s what we have going on in the Bible reading department. While looking these up I stumbled across the Read Aloud Bible (it comes in several volumes). It’s meant for ages 3 and up and I think it might be one I’d like to check out. What Bibles/devotionals have read with your little ones and what did you think?


4 thoughts on “Mommy Mondays – Kids’ Bible Edition

  1. I also had The Book for Children when I was little. I wonder if my mom still has it stored away somewhere at her house?I need to get it – you’re right, it would be a great one for my two boys!. Thanks for sharing, I would of totally forgot about mine 🙂

  2. I had no idea there were so many options! We have two right now (that I can’t name since they’re in Jude’s room and he’s asleep) but I think we will be looking into something like The Book that is less sugar coated than the two Bibles we have now. . .

  3. I recognize that last one from my childhood. The one I’ve heard the most raving reviews about is “The Jesus Storybook Bible”. Each story ends by relating back to Jesus. It’s colorful and well animated.

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