Toddler Tuesday

My dear friend Beth over at thinkliz hosts a weekly post called Toddler Tuesday. So today I thought maybe I would try to start participating. I’m making no promises that this is something I will do weekly…but I’m going to give it a shot! My little munchkin has made it to toddlerhood. She’s walking around and getting into all sorts of trouble. I’ve recently been feeling like I really need to be doing more with her – of course, where is the time? and where are the ideas? I’m trying not to overwhelm myself and remember that anything we do is great and that she really doesn’t realize yet if I haven’t made big plans for her for the day! Some things we’ve been up to lately at varying success rates:

Park Time: We have been trying to get out and go to the park more since the weather has been fantastic! She loves to be outside and she loves to ride in the wagon so this has been highly successful. We have two parks within walking distance of our house – one pretty much just has swings and a climbing wall (she does love the swings though). The other is like a big playscape and honestly she can do very little on it yet, but she likes to walk around and there is a little ‘playhouse’ type thing and she likes to go in there and look out the windows…we’ve tried the slide once but it’s often too hot. I’m going to try to get us to the park more often.

So in this picture she is wearing a dress that my mom made me when I was little – I think it’s adorable. And for some reason she made two so I have it in a larger size too! She thinks she probably was just trying to use up some fabric scraps – so adorable!

“Gardening”: I had bought 4 plants while at the grocery store not long ago – cherry tomato, basil, tomatillo, and jalapeno. Since I’m not planning on trying to start a garden this year, I decided to just pot these four plants. I thought it might be a fun activity for us to do together – play in the dirt and be productive…this was not a highly successful activity for a 13 month old. For starters I’m not sure our plants are going to survive the potting process with Capri. She tripped and smashed one of them, pulled the yellow flower off the tomatillo and pulled many, many leaves off our basil plant…Then to top it off she somehow fell again and smacked herself right between the eyes on the edge of the pot – evidence of said bruise below.

Productive Parenting: Finally, I have joined a website that I saw on Pinterest, I needed some ideas of what I could be doing with Capri at this age. It gives lists of activities and instructions for kids based on their age. You can even sign up for daily emails so you will get a new activity every day. Just reading about the activities made me realize that she can definitely be doing more if I give her the stuff and show her how to do it. I’m not sure how I’m going to incorporate this into our daily schedule, but I would like to try at least one new activity every week!


2 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday

  1. Julia and I planted beans (seeds) last week and it was still difficult at 2! ha ha! Oh well…hopefully some of them will grow! Thanks for the website – will have to check that out in more detail.

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