Paula Deen’s Hushpuppies

Friday night we really wanted to eat something fun. I had planned a recipe for grilled shrimp tacos but Jeremy didn’t think that really sounded fun enough. He suggested we break out our deep fryer and have some fun. It was freezing and raining but we did it. We breaded our shrimp with a conglomeration of items and it turned out great. We also made hushpuppies for the first time! I used Paula Deen’s recipe. I felt like these needed more flavor and that’s considering I added a bunch of pepper and Old Bay Seasoning to ours even though it didn’t call for that. I like my hushpuppies to have lots of yummy flavor. My favorite ones are from a restaurant here in town called Pacific Star – I could eat a basket of their hushpuppies (with fried shirmp and waffle fries of course!). I’m looking forward to trying these again sometime. It’s a good base recipe. We also roasted potato wedges to go with our meal. Healthy? No. But it was very yummy and ‘fun’. 4 out of 5 stars.


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