Birthday Decorating

I decorated with lots of poms! I don’t feel like these pictures do them justice though. I was really very pleased with how everything turned out. It looked very much like we were celebrating a sweet little girl!

You can see a pendant banner in the background. I have been meaning to make one for us but I didn’t get around to it so my mother-in-law lent me hers and it was the perfect color combination.

I know the cake should probably technically go under the food post, but I think of it as part of the decorations (although it was gobbled up and there was none left!). There is my attempt at a tiny pendant banner for the cake topper. I made mine out of a stiff glittery felt. And I ordered that cute polka-dotted 1 candle off Amazon. The cake was strawberry with whipping cream died pink (my mom made it – so helpful!).

I know, another food item, but these kind of went with the theme. I made 1 shaped sugar cookies and put strawberry frosting on them and handed them out as our ‘party favors.’ Jeremy took the extras and passed them out to his co-workers. And those little bags – still using the leftovers from my wedding (heart shaped sugar cookies were my wedding favors).

I’m sad these pictures really don’t show the happy celebratory atmosphere I feel we achieved, but it’s what I have! Those poms are so fun – and everyone was so impressed that I made them (super easy – thanks Pintrest!) I actually haven’t taken any of the decorations down; I just want to enjoy them a little longer. Plus they were up for my birthday and now for Valentine’s Day so it’s appropriate!

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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