Birthday Sewing

I have missed sewing. I have had very little time or energy to give to it over the last several months. So finally, a couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to start trying to give some time to sewing on a more regular basis. For the past two weeks I have had craft Wednesday nights! After I put Capri to bed and picked up the wreck that is our downstairs I have started to work on some simple projects. I’ll admit it was actually a little hard to get motivated both weeks despite having looked forward to it all day! The first week I just cut stuff out and when I’m closer to being finished with that project I’ll post about it. This last week, however, I decided to make a little something for Capri’s birthday. I considered just making a bib and putting a 1 on it, but instead I used a shirt I already had and put a one on that and then made some matching pants!

I had this fabric in my stash from a while ago and it matched the shirt perfectly. I used the pattern from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches. They are the bottom of the kimono pajamas. These turned out great until I put the elastic in…that didn’t turn out as great and I try not to look at the waistline! Also they aren’t a great fit but I’m considering making one more pair and adjusting the fit a little bit. Jeremy called them clown pants, but they really did turn out cute.

And here is an adorable picture of them in action!

More to come on the birthday party soon!


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