I’m Back! (I think…)

I haven’t really blogged since the summer. At that time I decided I just had too many things going on and blogging just seemed like another item hanging over my head. However, over the last few weeks I’ve really started to miss it, blogging, that is. So I am hesitantly putting my toes back into the waters of blogging. I don’t plan to do it every day, but I do think I might occasionally like to share a craft, a recipe, or a book I’ve read, among other things.

To catch you up on some things that have changed since the last time I blogged (in no particular order)…

1. Pinterest – I probably don’t need to say anything else, but I discovered it since I blogged last and like everyone else I’m quite addicted.

2. Pregnancy – Yes, I’m pregnant again. My little girl turns 1 tomorrow and our new one is expected to arrive in mid-August. I have my moments of wondering what we were thinking, but overall I am very excited about our new little one and the fact that they will be only 18 months apart.

3. Twilight – This is hardly news, but since I blogged last I did the unthinkable and read the Twilight Saga. Oh the shame…

4. Crafting – I think I may have started crafting again. I don’t want to jinx it but I did spend the last two Wednesday nights crafting in my home.

5. Cooking – This isn’t really a change. I continue to cook a variety of recipes, however since becoming pregnant I haven’t enjoyed eating them nearly as much.

6. Work – My job is still pretty much the same, however I did have the privilege of adding leading a women’s small group to the list and I have enjoyed that immensely. We just started our second semester and are going through Dwight Edward’s book Experiencing Christ Within – 1 chapter in and I’m already very challenged.

7. Reading – I continue to read sometimes more than others. I did get a Kindle for Christmas though and that is pretty exciting!

Well, those are a few things…more to come! I’m excited to be back!

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