Burg’s French Toast

This morning I made the first of what I assume will be many recipes from this month’s book club book, A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. I made Burg’s French Toast

I feel like I should start by telling you about the French toast that I ate growing up…whole wheat sandwich bread dipped in a mixture of eggs, skim milk, and cinnamon cooked on a pan that had been sprayed with PAM cooking spray. Mom, I love you and I loved our French toast growing up…however…Clearly I had missed out on all that French toast could be! Granted the French toast I ate growing up is one you could have once or even twice a week, this French toast is special! I had to make it on a day when Jeremy wouldn’t be home because I could just hear him saying, “What? Are you trying to kill me?” that’s what he says when I cook something that he thinks is bad for him and I think will taste wonderful.

This recipe was wonderful and I can’t wait to try the other recipes in this book, which by the way, I am LOVING! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys food or cooking even a little!


3 thoughts on “Burg’s French Toast

  1. I have been craving french toast so I will have to give it a try too! I need to get started on the book, but I was busy reading books 2 & 3 of the Hunger Games…which are excellent, by the way! šŸ˜‰

    • I could only eat 2 pieces – it’s rich and sweet but it was worth it! The book is great, I think you’ll really enjoy it and I’m flying through it. The chapters are super short which makes it easy to pick up and read one now and then throughout the day when I need a 5 minute break. I have the 2nd book and I’m going to read it out loud to Jeremy soon!

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