February’s Bag Fabric

Well, now that February is half way over, I should post my fabric choices for this second bag. Although I’ll just be honest…I’m not super optimistic about this bag being finished on time either 😦 but I’m still going to try! February’s bag is the Reversible Everyday Shopper. It looks simple enough but also very practical and handy so I’m excited to get started!

I’ve had 2 yards of the Amy Butler Starflower Tiles in Spinach in my stash for a while now. I got it on sale and just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. In an effort to use at least one fabric from my stash for the rest of the bag projects, I chose this one since I had so much of it. To match, I ordered a yard of Woodfern in Ecru. As it turns out the Starflower Tiles in Spinach were a little hard to match, even with other fabrics from this colorway. I have a few others and the blues and greens aren’t the same. This probably wouldn’t bother some people but it kills me. The Woodfern I ordered actually is gray and not green but it was so hard to tell online, however the background beige is the same and I’m just going to roll with it!


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