A little project

We had some red shelves that we bought for a past apartment to put our wine glasses on. When we moved to this house we needed something for one of our bedroom walls so we put the shelves in there but we weren’t all that happy with them. I needed some shelves for Capri’s room so we took the red shelves and painted them, leaving a blank wall in our bedroom – what to do?

At our last bookclub, our host showed us how she had stretched some Ikea fabric over a frame and hung it in her bedroom. I thought it was a great idea and coincidentally we went to Ikea the very next day. I shared the idea with Jeremy and he was all for it so we purchased some fabric, he went to Home Depot and got some wood and built a frame. He then stretched the fabric over the frame, stapled it, and hung it up! We’re pretty happy with it!

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