Gourmet Today – Winter Menu #2

I had planned on trying to make one of these menus once a week, but clearly things do not always work out as we plan! I made my second Winter Menu from Gourmet Today last Thursday night. One reason I wanted to try these menus out was because I wanted to use this cookbook more, but I also wanted to have at least a few meals a month that challenged me to try new things in the kitchen and added a little something to our everyday dinner fare. Normally my qualifications for planning my weekly meals is total time under 40 minutes and relatively healthy. I don’t necessarily hold myself to either of these rules when making one of these menus and it’s pretty fun.

Thursday’s dinner did take me more than 40 minutes and although not as healthy as I try to make our dinners, I did make an effort to cut down on some of the ‘bad’ things, but really, when you see bacon in the title of a recipe, it’s hard to cut back too much! Here’s the menu:

Seared Scallops with Brussels Sprouts and Bacon, featured in Gourmet Magazine in October of 2003
Herbed Jasmine Rice, featured in Gourmet Magazine in September 1999
Braised Carrots

Let’s start with the main dish – I had never cooked scallops or Brussels sprouts before… I loved the scallops, but as it turns out Jeremy and I don’t like Brussels sprouts – good to know for future cooking endeavors. I really thought all the bacon and butter would help mellow out the taste a little, but not really. I made sure I had a couple little pieces of bacon on my fork every time I put one in my mouth! I really enjoyed the scallops though – I was a little unsure in cooking them and they may have been a little overdone (but I felt like it was better to be safe than sorry while cooking seafood when pregnant). A word about scallops – expensive. They were $14/lb! Yikes! So instead of buying the 1 1/2 lbs the recipe called for, I just bought 1/2 pound which was more than enough for me and Jeremy (especially with all the rest of the food).

The Herbed Jasmine Rice really doesn’t even need a recipe – cook some rice, throw in some butter and some herbs. I used a brown Jasmine rice in an attempt to make it a little better. However, I neglected my rice and it overcooked a little (either that or the pot was just too small) but not a big deal. I just mixed in cilantro because that’s all I had on hand.

The Braised Carrots aren’t listed anywhere online, but really it was just carrots, water, oil, a little sugar, salt and pepper. I used to not like cooked carrots but I think I’m coming around on them. They were pretty good, although I wish I’d added a little more sugar!

Overall, probably not a menu I would repeat, but I would like to try some more scallop recipes in the future!

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