Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge

Last week Jeremy and I went to Barnes & Noble one evening to have some coffee and a cupcake. I, as always, browsed the sewing section and was finally able to look through Amy Butler’s new bag book Style Stitches! I wanted to buy it right there but it was $30. I did, however, spend the evening thinking how fun it would be to sew my way through all the bags in the book!

The very next day I ran across this post, inviting people to join in a monthly bag challenge from Amy’s new book! There are 12 bags and each month the challenge is to sew a bag! I was so excited and when I saw that the book was only $19 on Amazon, I decided to go for it! I promptly went out and bought my supplies for the first bag!

I am super excited about the bags and the challenge! So fun!


5 thoughts on “Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge

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