8 Months!

Exciting things this month:

Lightening – Little Capri turned head down over Christmas so she is all ready to go! I’ve been super lucky in that she’s always been pretty low so I never really experienced the discomfort of having her head squishing up against my rib cage. However, I was relieved to hear at my 33 week appointment that she was head down – I had this weird fear that she wouldn’t flip and I would have to stress about her being breach (everyone worries about weird things and that was one of mine I guess).

Birthing Classes – We had our third birthing class and will have three more in January. Our 3rd class we went over different laboring positions and that was both awkward and helpful.

Movement – Now that she is head down her movements have changed from, at times, violent kicking to more rolling (that’s the only way I can describe it). I also have felt her hiccups a little more frequently tapping away in my pelvis.

Weird Pregnancy Stuff :

Back aches Update – I had been using a pillow behind me at work until I noticed one of my co-workers had one of these babies. I strapped it onto my chair at work and it really helps. It’s curved at the bottom, helps me sit up better in my chair and is quite comfortable. These are not just for pregnant women – if you sit a lot at work, this might be a good $10 investment for you! I got mine on Amazon but my co-worker got hers at Marshall’s I think.

Tired – I am starting to feel more tired. Generally physically I feel pretty good but I have just noticed at the end of this month that I’m feeling a little more tired than I had been.

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