Cinammon Rolls

This year I really wanted to bake something for my co-workers. Jenn had made these Pioneer Woman Cinammon Rolls for my baby shower and I knew I needed to make some! So in an overly ambitious moment I decided to make a pan of cinnamon rolls for each of my co-workers plus I wanted some for our families…so I determined to triple the recipe.

So on a Friday night (in the midst of making a double batch of caramel corn – more on that later) I made the dough for 3 batches of cinnamon rolls. Even though I made a triple batch, I kept each batch of dough separate the entire time – 1) because sometimes when you double or triple baking recipes it doesn’t turn out right and 2) I didn’t have a bowl big enough to put it in! In fact I used my three largest bowls and ended up having to move one of the balls of dough from one bowl and put it in my largest pot! This part took a little longer than I anticipated – it took quite a while for my liquid to cool enough for me to put the yeast in but once that happened this recipe was so easy! You don’t have to knead the dough at all! I just mixed it all together, let it rise for an hour, and put it in the fridge (and had to punch it down a couple times before going to bed).

The next day I rolled out the dough and made the rolls – so easy! (although my kitchen was a bit of a mess). And then they started to rise and they were so pretty and then I pulled them out of the oven and they were beautiful!!! I was so excited! Finally I made the amazing frosting and poured it all on top…soooooo good. Jeremy and I dug into a pan before they cooled and it really was the best cinnamon roll I’d ever had!

3 batches was a big endeavor but these rolls were totally worth! I will definitely be making these again!


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