Cloth Diapers

You may know that Jeremy and  I have decided to cloth diaper our little baby girl. I’ll be honest, in a very geeky way, the diapers have been one of the items I’ve been most excited about! I registered for a variety of kinds of diapers so that I could try different ones and see what I liked best…I have received some lovely handmade diapers from Beth and Jenn! QT Buns, FuzziBunzGroVia, BumGenius! All in One, and BumGenius Elmentals. I’m super excited about all of these and plan on giving you some reviews in a few months, but that’s not what this post is really about.

What I really wanted to write about was these Econobum Diapers! I kind of wish I had known about these when I first started registering and buying diapers! This kit costs $50 and you need 2 kits to diaper your child full time. That’s $100 to diaper your child from birth until potty training! Amazing! They seem really convenient and easy to wash. There aren’t a ton of reviews out there yet because they are relatively new but the ones I’ve read are very positive. I think if I find I need a few more diapers, then I might go this direction. And they even have them at Babies R Us!

If you are thinking about cloth diapering, $100 or even starting with just the $50 kit seems like it would be really worth it to try it out!


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