7 Months!

And now we are in the 3rd trimester! Yikes! This picture was actually taken at 30 weeks, so a little closer to 7 1/2 months – it’s been a busy time!

Exciting things this month:

Glucose Tests – This does not fall into the ‘exciting category’ but I also don’t think it really falls into the ‘weird’ category so we’ll just roll with it. First I went in to take the Glucose screening test. I’m not gonna lie, people made this test sound like it was the worst part of their pregnancy…it was not. In fact it was so not a big deal that I wonder why people even mention it. However, having said that, my blood sugar came back a couple of points too high so they sent me to a lab to do the 3-hour Glucose tolerance test – that was less of a big deal. Mostly it’s just a long time to be in a waiting room without getting to eat or drink. I had my blood drawn 4 times, which for me wasn’t a big deal. The issue I had was that by the time the test was finally over I was dehydrated and it took me the rest of the day to recover. I went home and starting drinking water, I ate, I drank more water, I napped, drank more water, napped and drank more water – it wasn’t until almost 5 that I started to feel normal again – so that wasn’t very fun, but the good news is that the results came back normal!

Birthing Classes – We have had our first 2 birthing classes and will have another tonight. So far it’s gone well, but it’s a lot of information and that can be quite overwhelming. We have a woman from our church who was a doula for years. Although she is not practicing right now, she agreed to do 6 birthing classes one-on-one with us and so far it’s been a good choice. She is very excited, informative, and helpful. We are able to ask a lot of questions and we get to do it all in the comfort of our own home!

First Baby Shower – I had my first baby shower and it was wonderful! It was so much fun – such good food and so many sweet details! It was a diaper shower and we got some great stuff, both diapers and more! Many thanks to Beth, Amanda, and Jenn!

Babymoon – Jeremy and I went away the first weekend in December as our last getaway before Capri arrives. We just went to downtown Austin, but we stayed in the Stephen F Austin and ate lots of yummy food! It was relaxing and enjoyable, and we may have also gone to see Harry Potter in the IMAX.

Kicking – still enjoying feeling her kick and Jeremy has had a chance to feel her a lot more lately! It may be my favorite part about being pregnant.

Weird Pregnancy Stuff :

Congestion Update – I had been really congested there for a while but that seems to have subsided for the most part…maybe it really was allergies!

Back aches – I’m finding more and more that if I don’t sit correctly, with proper posture and possibly a pillow my back really starts to ache. I also find that getting up and walking around regularly helps too…

Emotions – Just since about the beginning of December I have felt myself becoming more emotional. I’ve been rather weepy and honestly, I feel like I do when I’m on my period – like my emotions are just beyond my control which makes me even more emotional – watch out for the several months (I hear it doesn’t necessarily go away once the baby comes!)

I guess there weren’t too many weird pregnancy things this month, however just over the last week or two I’ve become increasingly more uncomfortable – only adding to the emotional roller coaster and making me a little grumpy. Only 9 1/2 more weeks!


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