TOMS – Baobab Embroidered Tree Women’s Classics

I had wanted a pair of TOMS for several years but had just never made the plunge. As we’ve had a few (very few) days of colder weather here in Austin, I realized that my only cold weather shoes were boots with heals or tennis shoes. I don’t totally foresee myself wearing my boots when I’m 9 months pregnant and I hate to wear running shoes to work every day…so I thought, TOMS might be a great solution for me! I purchased a practical pair of Classics in Ash, but now I totally wish I had bought these in Barn Red with the tree on them! I love them! If anyone wants to buy me a pair, I’m a size 8!

I should follow-up by saying that I do love the pair I got and have worn them a lot. They are super comfortable and I can wear them with or without socks!


3 thoughts on “TOMS – Baobab Embroidered Tree Women’s Classics

  1. I have been wanting Toms for a couple years as well and I kinda love those red ones you just posted. Hmmm. . . maybe I can drop hints to a certain husband for my upcoming birthday?

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