Flower Net by Lisa See

I have been wanting to read another Lisa See book ever since I read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. After I read it, I quickly added her other books to my TBR pile and then hadn’t read one. One night I was looking for something fun to read and I picked up Flower Net. It is the first in See’s three-part Red Princess series and I was glad I did. Her other books are historical fiction or non-fiction but these three are modern-day mysteries. I read this book pretty quickly and although it wasn’t the most captivating book I had ever read, it kept me going and I enjoyed it. In fact, I already posted it on paperbackswap so that I could get a credit to get the second one!

Lui Hulan is an investigator in Beijing and is teamed up with US Attorney David Stark. Together they work to solve the murders of two young men leading them out of Beijing and into Las Angelas. I really enjoyed reading about the Asian culture and See really brings that into play throughout the book. I didn’t think her writing was as good in this as it was in Snowflower, but it was still enjoyable. Apparently it won a lot of awards when it came out…

I would recommend it.

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