The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

I knew I should have posted about this book as soon as I finished it and now it’s been several weeks and I can’t remember all of the deep things I was going to say about it!

This is a non-fiction book written about Henrietta Lacks. She is an African American woman who died of an aggressive form of cervical cancer. Her cells, however, were taken by doctors both before and after her death and grown in labs. It was really the first time that there had been successful cell growth and there really haven’t been other cells like hers. It is amazing all of the research that has been accomplished due to the use of her cells. Skloot did a good job interweaving Henrietta’s life, her children’s lives, and the science behind the cells. It was a very interesting book and I read it rather quickly although the content doesn’t sound like something that would normally interest me! The book brings up a lot of good things to think about without being very biased towards anything – poverty, racism, scientific/medical experiments, the right of privacy, the right to our own bodies, etc… lots of good stuff to think and talk about. Although not the most exciting of books, I think I would recommend it.

*This was also the first time I read an entire book with an ereader. I used the Kindle app on my iphone because it was less expensive than purchasing the book from Amazon. It was a very pleasant and convenient experience and one I will be trying again next time I’m about to read a book that I can’t get used somewhere…


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