Baby Blanket

I know, this picture is terrible. But my camera is broken and all I have is the iphone…This is the first thing that I have sewn for Baby Capri! It was a simple project and really didn’t take me very long. I bought the pink flannel a couple of weeks ago while ordering fabric for the interior of my diaper bag. I was just a few dollars short of free shipping so I threw in this yard of flannel not know for sure what I would do with it. The binding and the ‘C’ are just scraps I had in my stash. Essentially all I did was straighten up the edges of the flannel and sew the binding around the edges. I then added the ‘C’ to the bottom corner just for fun since I had a matching fabric. The idea came from Joelle Hoverson’s Last-Minute Patchwork  + Quilted Gifts…I think…there’s a slight possibility it actually came from Last-Minute Fabric Gifts. I have both  of them and I’m not sure which book this project came from. It’s so simple though that a pattern isn’t necessary. In the book they use white flannel and have different colored polka dot binding on several blanks that they wrapped together in a pack – super cute. I think this could be a great baby gift to keep in mind for others.

I should note that although I’ve machine-sewn binding onto things before, I had never sewn binding around the corners of a blanket or quilt…so when I got to a corner I had to look at the pictures in the back of the book to figure out the mitering technique. It took a few tries but I got it…on 3 of the corners. I didn’t check one of them and when I was hand-sewing the back on I came to that particular corner and realized it was wrong and a mess. It took a little to correct it and it doesn’t look very nice, but not terrible for the first try.

This weekend I’m going to the Fall Sewcial and plan to sew my diaper bag! I even have it all cut out! So this time I will actually get to sew at the Sewcial instead of spending the day cutting things out!


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