New Baby Picture

Here is our most recent picture of Baby Capri! We had another ultrasound this month because last month I had a marginal placenta previa. The great news is that the placenta has now moved and everything is looking great! She wasn’t super cooperative this time and this was the only picture of her face we were able to get. When we first turned the monitor on she had her thumb fully in her mouth and was sucking away! She ways a little over a pound and is actually measuring two days before her due date.

I can’t decide if I’m becoming one of those parents that just thinks their child is incredibly cute, but I really think she looks super precious! I love that they have these 3D pictures now – it makes it feel so much more real – I can’t believe that’s her little face! It makes me ache a little just to hold her, but I’ll wait since she still has a lot of growing to do! One more month in the 2nd trimester – next month I’ll have moved onto the 3rd – yikes!


7 thoughts on “New Baby Picture

  1. How did I miss the name announcement? Oh Capri, sweet baby 🙂
    She is cute by the way and when you get to hold her it will be the most proud day ever!!!

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