Baby Bedding (but not for my baby)

A couple months ago my friend Lindsey asked me to sew her crib bedding. She bought all the fabric and supplies and I pulled out my Amy Butler Little Stitches book and began to plan the crib skirt, bumper, and 2 sheets. Well, I was a slacker…in the end Beth made the 2 sheets (1 pictured here) since I looked at the diagram and didn’t understand it despite having been told that it was supposed to be easy, but she graciously offered to make them for me. I managed to finish the crib skirt before the baby was born. I must say that I was very pleased with how it turned out. I worked really hard to make sure the pattern on the fabric matched all the way around and I think it turned out great! I did the crib bumper last. It didn’t actually get finished until baby Harper was almost a month old, but oh well.

4 of the 6 inside panels have pockets, which I think will be nice once the baby is a little older. The bumper was not horribly difficult but there were  few parts that caused me grief. Obviously I was not able to match the fabric pattern all the way around, which was super frustrating to me, but I had to just let it go. If that’s something that’s really going to bother you, then I suggest going with a fabric pattern that isn’t quite so linear or make sure you have plenty of extra fabric to make it work. Once you begin sewing everything together it does get a little hard to handle because it is pretty long. Probably the most frustrating part to me was once you have sewn the interior and exterior together, you have to go back through and stitch between each panel – very few, if any, of my panels matched perfectly on both sides. So I put one thread color in my spool and another in my bobbin. So one side I managed to stitch in the ditch perfectly, where on the other not so much but it’s not too obvious since the thread matches well. Still, it bothered me a great deal!

It was so exciting when I finally put all the foam into the bumper…sigh of relief. It then sat there for over a week before I got to hand sewing all the openings closed. This wasn’t difficult but did take sitting through two movies, which honestly, who’s complaining about sitting on the couch and watching movies just because I’m doing a little hand sewing? Not me! In the end, I was quite pleased with the overall result. I wasn’t planning on making bumper pads for my crib, but they really did turn out cute…I’m just not sure now!

The fabric – Lindsey picked fabric from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern 2 Line –

Sunset Palette- Garden Maze in Red –  The crib skirt and interior of the bumper
Orange Dahlia Palette – Park Fountains in Yellow – The sheets
Ohio Sky Palette – Happy Dots in Ice – The exterior of the crib bumper

6 thoughts on “Baby Bedding (but not for my baby)

  1. It looks great!! I remember sewing mine up and some of the frustrating sections too. the most frustrating for me though is the fact that once the baby actually started sleep in the crib I don’t keep the bumpers up b/c of possible suffocation! doh! Oh well…for six months they looked really cute. 🙂

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