Baby Books

I mentioned in a previous post that I have several books that I’m planning on reading as we prepare for little Baby Kirky to get here. Some of them I am reading the whole thing and others I am just scanning…


What to Expect When You’re Expecting I definitely don’t have newest version of this book. I picked up a copy at Half Price Books for $2. Now, I’ve only read two chapters in this book…I skipped the first half and recently read the chapters about Months 5 & 6, and I pretty much skimmed it for information that was pertinent to me. I’ll probably skim the rest of the book for any helpful tidbits.


Labor and Delivery:

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way Now, I haven’t actually started reading this book, in fact it hasn’t arrived yet, but I got it on and it’s on its way!


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth Another one that  haven’t purchased yet. This is one that I plan to read on my own. I’ve heard the stories offer a lot of encouragement.



Bestfeeding: How to Breastfeed your Baby This one arrived this week from and I’m looking forward to reading through it.


Infant Care:

Happiest Baby on the Block Beth has lent me this book and this is one that Jeremy and I are planning on reading together, although we haven’t started.


Baby Wise I know this one is controversial and honestly I don’t know that I would have it on the list except that it had already been given to me and so I won’t be purchasing it. I have heard some parents that I really trust say some positive things and I think you read everything with a grain of salt – not taking things too far and using the good stuff, so we’ll see how it goes – I’ll let you know after I read it (and probably after I’ve had a newborn for a little while!).


Overview Books:

I have a few of these that have been given to me and I have been scanning through some of the information. I think some of the best things about these books is that they have a lot of stuff that you can look up if you are having a specific issue and they offer pictures and other helpful items.I can’t remember the names but I have two different ones – they are huge! but once again, they are really more for reference.


8 thoughts on “Baby Books

  1. The Baby Book by Dr. Sears is a great one too but it’s HUGE! Nice resource for many baby things. Glad to see you are looking into a natural child birth, that’s what we did! It was an amazing experience.

  2. Hey–

    I just finished Ina May’s guide and it was Fantastic! The way she views the mind-body connection, how our thoughts and feelings influence the physical aspect of labor was fascinating! And I’m reading Natural Birth the Bradley way—we’re doing the Bradley method. If you’re thinking about doing Bradley I’d love to chat–my mom and sister both did it and Loved it!

    • We are thinking of doing the Bradley method – I just confirmed with a lady at our church who is a doula that she will do our birthing classes with us!

  3. I have Happiest Baby on the Block and have read most of it and loved it…and, it works! I mean, I don’t have a colicky baby, but the soothing methods (the 5 S’s) have definitely worked with Harper when she does get really upset & screamo.

    I’m also reading Babywise right now – I have a lot of friends who used it & swear by it. Although, from what I have read so far, I feel like it is mostly what Harper started to do on her own, at least in terms of how often she eats/sleeps, etc. I haven’t read the scheduling chapter yet, but I don’t feel like I would really have to change much, other than maybe how I choose to get her to sleep/the bedtime routine I start using as she gets a little older if I choose to follow the book. So far the most helpful was how it talks about the cycle of eating, play/awake time, then sleep/nap time. Again, except her middle of the night feeding, she started to mostly follow this pattern anyway, but she definitely is more alert during awake times and sleeps better when it goes in this order. It was also nice to have someone suggest that it’s ok to use your mommy instincts – i.e. you don’t have to wake your baby every 2 hours the first 2 months of life if they don’t need/want to eat that often (with the exception of a couple days to help the Jaundice go away), and it’s ok not to feed her every time she cries. I feel like babies do need to learn to be awake without eating in the beginning. But I don’t think babies really start to form long-term habits until they are about 2 months old, so you can wait to decide how/if you want to schedule her, since the first few weeks are different for every baby and she may do it on her own anyway.

    Those are my 2 cents :).

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