5 Months!

She’s a girl! Yes! One of the many exciting new things of this last month! This really has been a super fun month for us! First of all I have been feeling pretty great. Energy continues to be back and I’m not uncomfortable yet. Of course, there are always a few weird pregnancy things, but more on that later.

Exciting things this month:

Finding out Baby Kirky is a girl at our last appointment! The ultrasound experience was so great. The tech really took her time and explained everything and answered all of Jeremy’s questions and then when they pulled up the 3-D I was just so amazed! She really is a tiny little person in there! And I know I’m biased but I think she is absolutely adorable!

Feeling our baby girl move around. Just over the last week or so I’ve really started to feel her move around. It’s still not enough for someone else to feel it from the outside, but I have definitely started to feel her. Mostly at night when I’m lying on the couch and concentrating, but more and more every day I feel little movements while I’m sitting at work and stuff. It’s pretty incredible! I’m going to enjoy this time of marvel before I get to the part where she’s kicking me so hard that I start to get annoyed!

Registering! Yes, that’s right, once we found out she was a girl we started working on our registries. It’s definitely been a different experience so far from registering for our wedding but still super fun. We still have to make a trip to Babies R Us to finish up our registry there, but as of now we are registered at Target and Babies R Us. We also have a http://www.wishpot.com registry that we have used for all the things we would like that aren’t at the other two stores – specifically our cloth diapering needs (yes, we plan to cloth diaper. No, it’s not gross. Yes, if you have a negative opinion you should keep it to yourself).

Not quite on the level of exciting, but I have begun to read a few books. I hadn’t read any up to this point but I have a list of books to go through. Some I am just scanning and others I plan to read a little more in depth. I’ll let you guys know what  I think of them as I get a little more into them.

So lots of baby thoughts going on in my head and around our house! It’s very fun but makes it very hard to focus on work and other issues that don’t seem quite as important or exciting!

Weird Pregnancy Stuff (these may be a little too honest for some of you, so feel free to skip it):

Bloody gums – My gums have bled profusely pretty much from the very beginning of the pregnancy and had gotten increasingly worse this month. I initially had a teeth cleaning scheduled during my first trimester and moved it to last week so that I wouldn’t gag all over the hygienist. I reminded her that I was pregnant and that my gums had really been acting up. She acknowledged my warning and moved on, only seconds lately to exclaim over and over again “Oh my! You weren’t kidding.” In my head I thought “of course I wasn’t kidding, what kind of person jokes about blood pouring out of their gums!” Anyway, long story short, she was super great, gave me the fastest, albeit most painful, teeth cleaning of life, strongly encouraged me to floss every day no matter the blood and told me the cleaning would probably help a lot. And what do you  know? Every day I’ve brushed and flossed my teeth and I’ve had little to no blood. So if your pregnant and your gums are bleeding, don’t be afraid to floss, it will help and schedule that teeth cleaning anyway (probably during the 2nd trimester).

Congestion and bloody nose – Yes, it’s amazing there is blood left in my body between my gums and my nose. Although it’s not like my nose is actually bleeding just that when I blow it blood comes out. I have also been mildly congested pretty much constantly since the beginning of the month. I read that’s normal, something about swelling mucus membranes or something gross like that.

Irregularity. It’s not a happy subject folks, but the fact is, I was super regular before getting pregnant and from the beginning  I have been irregular, constipated, and gassy. Not super fun. I feel bad for people who are irregular all the time!

Sleeping. Buying a body pillow was amazing. I know you can buy special pregnancy pillows but I went for the $10 body pillow option and it’s been great. I don’t know how I slept without it (and I’m pretty sure my dog doesn’t know what he did without it either, since I’m constantly having to remind him that it is my pillow and not his!). Even with the pillow though, this month I’ve had a couple of nights of waking up and not being able to go back to sleep. I’m not totally sure what this is attributed to but I think it could have something to do with the high level of brain activity and all the things I keep thinking about. I’m trying really hard to just put stuff on lists in my phone so I can stop thinking about it.

I think that’s all for our 5 month update!


3 thoughts on “5 Months!

  1. YAY — girls are great!! Congrats!!! And I got the $10 body pillow too and it was awesome all the way to the end…no need to spend lots of money on that, for sure!

  2. Yay for sweet baby girl Kirky! I can’t wait to meet her and yes, I remember all those weird quirky pregnancy things. It’s such a strange state to be in! We need to take your 5 month picture!

  3. Baby GIRL! Girls are so fun, you are one lucky mama 🙂 I loved your update and can relate with a lot of your pregnancy stresses. You know we cloth diaper right? We try to encourage everyone we talk with about it how easy and money saving it is! We love cloth!!

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