4 months!

So this is almost a month behind! Beth has been kind enough to be my baby bump photographer and this  is the first picture we took right as I finished off 16 weeks.

The problem with writing a monthly update a month late is that I can’ really remember what happened during that 4th month! What I can remember is that I started to feel remarkably better. I’ve had more energy and generally feel pretty good. It came just in time too because that was quite a busy month for me at work!

I wish I had more to say, but I don’t want to step on Month 5’s toes, so maybe I’ll do my 20 week update on time and by that I mean late next week!


3 thoughts on “4 months!

    • Well I figured we took the last one when I completed 16 weeks so next week is right on track with me completing the 20th week!

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