Getting here…

When I announced the news that Baby Kirky was on his/her way I said that I would write a post about our journey to this point. I thought about writing a rather detailed post and then decided I didn’t really want to think through all the details and I’m not sure that anyone would want to read all those details.

I think it is enough to say that after about a year of unprotected sex and the beginnings of doubts as to whether or not we would get pregnant we had a visit with my doctor. We both had some tests done and then she suggested that I go on Clomid – a very low dose fertility drug used to stimulate ovulation. This seemed like the best course of action since our tests were clean, but after having monitored my cycle for over a year we knew that I was not ovulating every month and so our chances of getting pregnant were relatively low. The doctor told us that normally people get pregnant within 3-4 months of being on this medication and that she would not have me on it over 6 months due to side effects. We talked it over and made a plan – we felt that for us this was a good option, but this was as far as we were willing  to go in the process of trying to get pregnant. We were and are very open to adoption and did not feel that further fertility treatments were something that we would want to consider. We would take this step and if it didn’t work, then we felt like God was telling us we should move forward with adoption (which was something we had been considering before no matter what).

The surprise came when I went to the doctor for my monthly appointment. I had been using to track my cycle since I had gone off the pill over a year before so I was pretty aware of what my body was doing. During this first month on clomid, even though it looked like I had a rise in temperature the program didn’t detect it as ovulation, so I went to the doctor ready to say, “it didn’t work, I didn’t ovulate, what do we do now?”. Her response was to look at my chart and say, “I know what it says but I just don’t know…” and then she just walked out of the room! She came back in after talking to the lab tech (who had a lovely cup of my urine) and said, “you’re pregnant!” I was in total shock having been positive that was not the case. She followed it up with, “I haven’t had someone get pregnant the first month in years!”

Needless to say we were both surprised and super excited…oh and overwhelmed…I guess the journey I had anticipated blogging about was the process of choosing to go off birth control and then realizing every month that I was not pregnant. I don’t want to complain – I know a lot of people wait longer than  a year, but I think somewhere after the first few months doubts start to creep in and you can’t help but wonder if it will really happen for you.  It’s a pretty emotional process. I went back and forth between being totally fine with it and then crying when I’d find out another one of my friends was pregnant. I think it was just another time in my life that God was asking me to wait and sometimes I was patient and sometimes I really wasn’t. In the end I see so many good things that came from waiting – the two biggest being, the insurance I have now is so much better and I can’t imagine how I would have finished those last two sessions of school if I had been in my first trimester! God knows. And now after all that, Jeremy and I constantly question if we’re really ready or not! It’s pretty scary now that it’s happened!


3 thoughts on “Getting here…

  1. Well, we are excited for you guys – it is quite a journey but such a fulfilling one. I’m glad that you got pregnant the first month of treatments and I can’t wait to meet your little one. 🙂

  2. Oh Ellie, I am so sorry you had to go through some of those private heart aches. I know that would be really challenging and it is so awesome that you were able to take positives from it. God is so good with timing and it’s hard to trust Him with it cause ummm… we want control! Anyway, I’m so thrilled for you and it’s going to be an amazing journey for you and Jeremy. Congrats again!!

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