Baby Kirky!

I am so excited to announce that I’m going to be a mom! I’ve been holding it in, but I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday and Jeremy and I decided it was time to announce it officially to everyone (although a lot of people already knew). It says something about our culture that making something ‘facebook official’ has become an actual thing that we make a decision about doing…

I think I’ll write another post later about our journey to this point; we had been trying to get pregnant, but there was still an element of surprise in it for us as well! The picture to the left is our little bean at our first official doctor’s appoint and at the time I was at 6 weeks so it’s pretty tiny! But we were able to see little Baby Kirky and see the little heart blinking on the screen! Yesterday we went in for our 12 week appointment and got to hear the heartbeat – AMAZING! and 150 beats per minute is super fast! (don’t worry 110-170 is what our doctor said was normal).

We are so excited and feel overwhelmingly blessed! The due date is February 18th just 5 days after my birthday and I’m really hoping that Baby Kirky is not born on my birthday (I like that day reserved for just me). We find out the sex on September 28, just 8 weeks from now! More to come!


6 thoughts on “Baby Kirky!

  1. YEAH!!! So thrilled for you guys. Looking forward to journeying with you and hearing more about your journey thus far. Take care of that special little peanut!!

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