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I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to blog recently other than my Monday reading posts. Honestly, not a lot of exciting cooking or sewing has been going on here, so another book post it is! Even though I’ve been posting what I’ve been reading every Monday I haven’t done any reviews, so here are some short thoughts on some reason reads.

The Host by Stephanie Myer. I wrote a little about this book when I did my Monday reading posts, but I thought I’d just confirm that I had been very snobish on the outset of this book and was determined not to like it. However, it didn’t take more than a couple of chapters for me to be hooked. I ended up really enjoying this book. And that is actually saying something because I was totally prejudiced against Stephanie Myer and her vampire phenomenon and I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about aliens before! But that’s what book club is all about – reading things we wouldn’t normally read and opening our literary horizons. There were some predictable plot lines in the book, but I think the key is that you really feel like a friend of the main character – you want to root for her!This is a pretty thick book, but I read it really fast thanks to 4th of July weekend and staying home sick one day. Not sure if you would like this? Give it a try, I did and I am forever humbled!

A quick summary of the book – Aliens have taken over the earth. They are called souls and they are put into people’s bodies taking them over. There is a small resistance movement hiding out and trying to survive. The main character is an alien named Wanderer and she is put into the body of a young woman, but the woman refuses to give up and give away her mind. The dialogue between them is rather fascinating and they end up on a journey together, changing both of them.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I think this book came out in like 2006. However, it still shows up on bestseller lists even today. A lot of people had read it and so I got it from ages ago. I had been looking forward to reading it and it didn’t disapoint. I enjoyed the historical perspective on the circus and connected with the characters. It’s both a gruesome and sexy book in its own way. There is a lot of sadness at both the way people and animals are treated – I guess maybe I would use the word ‘raw’ to describe a lot of what was going on in this book even within the relationships. I thought Gruen was a great writer and did a good job with the research for the book. I’ve already added some of her other books to my wish list.

A quick summary of the book. The main character drops out of veterinary school right before graduation because tragedy strikes his family and he jumps a train that happens to belong to a circus. He slowly integrates into the circus world becoming the circus veterinarian. Throughout the story he learns the tricks of the trade and falls in love. The book alternates from the main character while he was young working in the circus and himself when he is old and living in a nursing home living out the end of his life and remembering the good old days.

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. This is the book that my mom lent me because she enjoyed it so much. Again, I was a bit prejudiced against it. I’ve never read a Nicholas Sparks book but have enjoyed watching A Walk to Remember and The Notebook so I thought I would give it a try. The prejudice came mostly from Miley Cyrus’ presence on the the front cover…I’ll be honest, I didn’t like this book very much. I didn’t think the writing was great and I was a little annoyed with the story. My former 18 year old self would have been baffled at what I’m about to say, but I think it’s generally ridiculous when teenagers have a summer romance and decide that they love each other. I’m not saying it never happens, but in this instance, it’s rather rare, especially since almost all of the adults in the book seem to agree that they are in love – they barely know each other! There were some touching moments, no surprises as Sparks fully hints at what will happen multiple times before things actually happen.

Quick summary – Ronnie is an almost 18 year old girl who is going from New York to some tiny beach town in the South to stay with her dad for the summer. She hates her dad and doesn’t want to go, yearning for her life of semi-rebellion back in NY. Immediately choosing bad friends, she gets herself in trouble early on and suddenly completely turns her life around. She meets a boy and they fall in love and she starts to repair her relationship with her dad.


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