Coq Au Vin

My food posts have been super boring lately – sorry! On Monday I made this Coq Au Vin from Shape magazine. This was way different from the last time I tried to make Coq Au Vin…but it was pretty healthy and actually pretty fast to make. I didn’t use fresh thyme because I didn’t want to spend the extra $3. I think this would have been better with regular onions instead of green onions – it would have added more flavor. I only thought it was ok, but Jeremy liked it. However, I had it as leftovers the next day and actually liked it more then – go figure. I think I might try this again just because it was easy and had a good amount of chicken and veggies in it. If you really want to try out some Coq Au Vin, I know Beth has a great recipe over on her blog…


2 thoughts on “Coq Au Vin

  1. I’ve always wanted to try a real coq au vin recipe, because mine is an imitation and is probably nothing like the real thing!

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