My first ‘trip’ to Sephora

I read quite a few blogs and once in a while a blogger will talk about something and I think, “hmmm, I like that idea, I think I want to do it or buy it”. This is what happened a few weeks ago while reading Hollywood Housewife’s blog about lipstick. I know I look more put-together when I wear a little lipstick or gloss but I don’t have one that I really love…and it always comes off so quickly and then I never re-apply it! Well, on that particular blog post she mentioned Nars Velvet Matte Lip and raved about it so I thought I would try it. Now, it was way more expensive than I’ve ever spent on any kind of make-up before, but let me tell you, it has been totally worth it! I love that lip pencil! I got it in Walkyrie which is a burnt coral red. It was one that one of the women in the blog was wearing and I thought our skin tone was similar so I went with it! I hope it lasts a long time (and I think it will). The color is great, it lasts a long time, and the best part is that it doesn’t feel like I have anything on! It’s not sticky or grainy or anything!

Well, while I was visiting the Sephora site I decided to check out a lip gloss that had been given to me a year ago but that I had lost…I miss it so much! It was the Buxom Lips Lip Plumper from Bare Essentials in Ginger. I had no idea it was such an expensive lip gloss (though I had my suspicions). I’m not gonna lie, I love the name and the flirty/sexy packaging! I went ahead and bought the same color that I had lost, the Ginger, and I love this stuff too! It’s definitely glossy and it makes my lips tingle a little (the plumper), but it’s a great color! It’s also a pretty big tube on gloss, so I think it will last a little while too! I love this stuff!

And finally, after having splurged on these two items for my lips, I was only $8 away from free shipping! So I purchased the Sephora Pure Mascara. $8 isn’t really that much more than I pay for mascara when I get it at HEB and I really like this stuff! It’s really light and goes on without getting clumpy – I think I’m sold! For being the first time I’ve ever bought anything from Sephora I think I may have overdone it a little, but you know, I don’t think I regret any of these purchases and I’ve used them every day since I got them!


3 thoughts on “My first ‘trip’ to Sephora

  1. That’s fun. I went to Sephora last Thursday before I went to a party and got this really cool (and expesive) blue eyeliner. I love it! I’v never really looked for lip gloss at Sephora, it sounds good, maybe I’ll try it next time I’m over there, but I still love the lipgloss/lipstick you gave me.

  2. I bought the same lip gloss and struggled with the price but really liked it in the end and was glad I got it! I love the idea of the lip pencil because it looks like it doesn’t wear off too fast and you could probably apply chap-stick over it which I love.

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