My sweet husband bought me an iPhone while I was away at our Middle School Spring retreat! It was a surprise but I was up for a new phone and he decided to take the plunge! I have been thoroughly enjoying it as I have been figuring it out! What are some apps that you love (preferably that are free)?


3 thoughts on “iPhone

  1. Well, there is a free Kindle app with free books -mostly classics. Facebook, wordpress, the Bible, pandora, epicurious, flickr, amazon, good guide, seafood watch, yelp, groupon and chipotle! Those are my free favorites!

  2. Facebook – no brainer here
    TweetDeck – best Twitter app I’ve tried, integrates with Facebook if you want
    The Bible app by YouVersion – free app, allows you to download offline translations, has search feature, daily reading, etc.
    Yelp – finds nearby restaurants using current location or you can move the map wherever you want to do the search, good source for reviews
    Dragon Dictation – you speak, it dictates; allows you to copy/paste into an email, text, or wherever; works surprisingly well
    Remote (by Apple) – lets you control iTunes wirelessly; especially useful if you’re hooking your computer up to your sound system
    Relevant Magazine – cool stories, interviews, music reviews, etc.
    USA Today – decent source for news
    TWC – weather channel app; radars, forecasts, etc.
    Mint – only if you use Mint.com of course
    Flixter – best movie time and theater finding app I’ve used
    Amazon – good for finding stuff to spend money on
    Mark the Spot – AT&T’s app for reporting dropped calls; if I was diligent, I would be using this app about 4 times per call I attempt from my house

    I deleted all of my games because I wasted too much time playing them, but some fun ones are: Word Warp, Words With Friends, Bejeweled 2, Boxed In, Skee-Ball, StickWars, TapDefense … you can get sucked in pretty easily, just beware.

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