March’s Make a Month Project

I posted about this make a month project in February after having failed to make anything in January. Well, I thought since I was going to finish school the first week in March that I would have plenty of time to be crafty and make something during the of March…well, I didn’t! Everytime I thought about it I would remember that the first step is cutting stuff out and I just didn’t want to do it. So instead of cutting something out, I kept buy more fabric and patterns! Last week I thought I might make it happen before the month ended, but I didn’t, so on to a new month!

Last night I cute out this pattern that I bought fabric for just this last week and plan to sew it up on Saturday! I’ll be honest I’m a little worried about the lack of shape, but I think I’m going to make a tie belt to use if it looks too much like a bag. I think as I jump into making clothes I should start with something super simple and this seems to be it. It does have a zipper and pockets (!) but I’m hoping I can handle it!

I also bought fabric to make this skirt (again…I cut this pattern out before I realized the difference between pattern sizes and shopping sizes and discovered that a pattern size 6 will never fit me!).

While buying this fabric I got two more Simplicity patterns because they were on sale for $1.99 and I couldn’t resist. Here they are:

When McCalls goes on sale again, I’m thinking about these:


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