The lack of blogging

Ok, so I’ve blogged 6 times in the last month…four of those have been the Monday reading posts so clearly I haven’t been in a big bloggy mood lately. You’d think I would be because I did finish school – yes, I don’t think I even put it on the blog, but I finished, graduated with my BA in history on March 6th. I think the lack of blogging stems from several different things:

1. I felt like I needed to write some kind of graduation post. In fact I have a post saved that is titled graduation but there’s nothing written in it. I’m overwhelmed by what to say and honestly the end was a bit anti-climactic and that makes me a little sad…so I’ve failed to blog because I feel like I need to write that post and I haven’t.

2. Blogging is a distraction. I didn’t know this but I think I often used blogging as a way of distracting me from my piles of homework. I felt like it wasn’t really procrastinating because I was writing on my blog. Now I don’t need to procrastinate from anything…

3. I’ve been pretty busy – filling my time up with seeing people and doing things I didn’t have time to do before. I’ve read 5 Harry Potter books as I remembered how lovely it is to read for fun, I worked in our yard, have gone out to eat, have gone to see my parents 3 times! Just a lot of things…

All that to say, there are reasons that I haven’t been blogging but I do have things to write about – I got a new phone, baked a yummy coffee cake, and won my first blog giveaway! Time to get out of the no-blogging funk and make it happen!


2 thoughts on “The lack of blogging

  1. You don’t have to apologize for not blogging. People reading this blog are either your friends or other bloggers. Both groups completely understand. Ok, back to something that I should be doing rather than procrastinating by commenting on blogs. 🙂

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