Coconut-Chip Coffee Cake

Well, every once in a while I try a recipe and it’s a big disappointment…this one was such a recipe… For the most part the recipes that I pull from my Taste of Home cookbook are really good, but I was not a fan of this Coconut-Chip Coffee Cake. Now, I don’t really like coconut but Beth made something that had coconut in it and I loved it so I thought I would branch out…the coconut was really not the issue. I actually thought while I was making this – Is this going to taste like a biscuit with chocolate and coconut in it? Kind of. It turned out really dry and it’s not very sweet at all. As you may know, I bake something for my staff every Monday morning and generally, they are not hard to please but I don’t think anyone was a big fan of this one…too bad 😦 It did look all pretty and browned when I pulled it out of the oven.


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