February’s Make a Month Project

So a while back you may noticed that I added this button to my side bar. Angharad made a resolution to make at least one project a month in 2010; she even made that cute little button! So I decided to do it too! Now, sadly I didn’t make anything in January…not a good start. But last night after I finished taking my midterm I decided that I needed a little break to be crafty. I have a couple projects that I’ve set aside that I knew wouldn’t take very long so I decided to tackle one of those.

I made AllSorts Scotty Dog Pattern. I printed this off months ago and have wanted to make it. So I put this one together with a little red felt. It’s pretty cute and was quite satisfying. I think I might need to sew some with some regular fabric and make a little family of puppies! So, yay for one project so far in 2010!


4 thoughts on “February’s Make a Month Project

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