Dreaming about clothes

Recently I’ve been thinking dreaming about how I would like to make some clothes. All I’ve really ever made are aprons (well, and that one attempt at a bathrobe) oh and I made pajama pants. Anyway I have been wanting to make clothes…I haven’t made any but I’ve been looking at patterns that I bought over the last couple years…here’s some I’d like to make sometime, and they are just sitting up there in my ‘sewing room/school prison’. Someday…

I’ve been looking at this one lately…I think it might be a good one to start with – it’s not too form fitting so less chance for me to mess it up!

I love the little black and silver one near the bottom corner – now I love it, but would I actually wear this dress, I’m not sure but I like to dream…

I think this looks super and another that doesn’t run the risk of me ruining something too form fitting…then again, I’m worried it will just look like a big sack!

This one I actually cut out once…when I still thought a pattern size 6 was the same as a 6 at the Gap…This one I think I actually might make – so cute!

I like all of these – but the gray one especially…I don’t know what it is about it but I really like it!



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