Ravioli With Grape Tomatoes and Wine

Again, no picture, but I actually baked something this week and took a picture…so soon! This month Real Simple did a page of 10 Ideas of Cheese Ravioli – I love ravioli (I am a quarter Italian!). I normally buy the whole wheat but they didn’t have it in the regular sized packages (only the large), so we had to go with the regular this time. I tried the first recipe on the list, Ravioli With Grape Tomatoes and Wine. This was super easy and I actually really liked (Jeremy did not, however). I didn’t use fresh parsley and I mixed a Chardonay and a Reisling because that’s what I had on hand. I got my grape tomatoes from Sprouts and they were great! If Jeremy had liked this more it would have been a keeper, but I am super excited to try the other ravioli recipes – great for a quick weeknight meal! Can’t wait to try the Creamy Ravioli and Pesto Gratin!


2 thoughts on “Ravioli With Grape Tomatoes and Wine

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