Jalapeno Pork Stew

Continuing on in my food posts sans pictures…This last week I made the Jalepeno Pork Stew from this month’s Real Simple magazine. I halved this recipe and made the stew portion the night before and the next evening I made the grits and reheated the stew. I didn’t end up making the pickled onions but I bet they would have been good. The active time for this recipe isn’t very long, but you do have to available while it’s cooking. Since I halved the recipe, it didn’t take nearly as long to cook. To save money, instead of buying the pork shoulder or pork butt, I purchased a value pack of pork pieces from HEB – I was a little scared but for less than $1/lb it was hard to resist. It actually ended up being great – got some rib meat, a pork chop, and some other pieces – the meat turned out really good. I thought it was a pretty good recipe. Using the grits was new form and I’m still not sure how I felt about it – I think this is something that would have liked to eat with tortillas instead of grits, but I think that’s because it kind of reminded me of a ‘carne guisada’.


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