Gluten Free Thai Chicken Wraps

I have heard lots of talk lately about going gluten free and it has intrigued me. My mother-in-law had bought this book and it intriuged me (so much that I ordered it). I haven’t received the book yet but it turns out the other has a fabulous blog called Elana’s Pantry. So this week I made my first gluten-free recipe, the Thai Chicken Wraps. These were a big hit! They were so fresh and tasty…and the Tangy Peanut Sauce – delectable! I think it would be great just as a veggie dip too. I am really looking forward to making more of these recipes!

A couple changes that I made. First I used HEB’s lemon herb chicken breasts – the package said to cook them for 20 minutes – that was way off so my chicken was a little dry. I couldn’t find the plum vinegar so I used red wine vinegar and I thought it tasted fine. I also couldn’t find the Chinese cabbage so I just chopped up some more romaine. We give this simple recipe two thumbs up!


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