Mushroom Ragoût with Paprika

Somehow during my picture taking on Christmas I forgot to take a picture of my one contribution to the meal! My mom asked me to make a side with mushrooms. Most of the ones I found had potatoes or were a kind of stuffing, well she was already making potatoes and stuffing, so I had to find something else. I ran across this recipe at Epicurious and decided to give it a try! I didn’t have an cognac and wasn’t going to buy any for the dish so I used whiskey. There also was not the vast selection of mushrooms that I would have liked so I used a stir fry mix and some baby bellas for my wild mushrooms. It didn’t turn out as thick as I wanted it so I added some cornstarch to thicken it up. We ended up eating it over the mashed potatoes and turkey which I thought was quite tasty! The best thing was that I made it almost entirely the day before and then just reheated it and added the sour cream and parsley the day of!


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