Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

I saw this book, Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, on the New York Times Bestseller List a while back and quickly added it to my paperbackswap wish list. I took it with my on my trip to Chicago because I wanted a fun book to read. This was a great choice! I loved this book. There are still a few books that top it and although the writing was good it was no Thirteenth Tale, but I still thought it was good and the depth of the story really added to it. Even though this was a relatively long book, I read it in a week (although it was a vacation week).

The story is about two girls who become forever friends. They meet in middle school and the story follows them for the next 30+ years of their lives. One chooses family and the other chooses career and the reader watches and they both deal with the reality that you can’t have everything. It’s a story about family, career, and love, but mostly it’s about friendship. The book is divided into the several decades it spans and I found myself crying several times on the plane as I read the begining of the book, however that so did not prepare me for the plane ride home. I finished the book just as we landed in Austin and I had tears streaming down my face for the full hour before that! Jeremy kept looking at me and laughing and I had the tiny airline cocktail napkin soaking in my hand from wiping away all my tears. I’ll be honest, I think I like it a little bit when a book makes me cry (Like Time Traveler’s Wife!).

I really liked this book and would be happy to loan it to any of you who live here in Austin – just leave a comment and let me know! A little disclaimer – this is an adult book – there is a little language and definitely some sexual content both within and outside of marriage. I think this book deals with a lot of feelings that women go through in desire in a family or a career or both and how the struggle to have everything is always there – the reality is that no one can have everything and with every choice there are sacrifices.


2 thoughts on “Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

  1. I’d say I would borrow it but I think I have about five other books of yours I’ve recently borrowed! Need to finish those first…

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