Amy Butler Field and Tote Bag

I know it’s pretty much been ages since I’ve posted any sewing! I didn’t really do much during this last class, but we did have a sewing day at the beginning of November and that’s when I cut out one of two Amy Butler Field and Tote Bags! Yes, all day all I did was cut out one bag! I think it took the same amount of time to cut it out as it did to sew it together! I made one for my mom and one for my mother-in-law for Christmas! I really love this pattern – correction – I really love the Tote version of this pattern, the bag version (ie the zipper from hell) I did not like very much!

The first picture is of me on Christmas day trying to finish my mom’s bag before taking it to her house! I had originally planned on making the non-zippered version (the Tote) for my mother-in-law since Jeremy thought that would be better for her. I sewed hers first and it was such a breeze! It was easy and came together great. I then stated on my mom’s…I struggled so much with that stupid zipper and in the end I couldn’t sew over it because of the bulk.

After several hours of frustration I tore the zipper out and made hers without it, but unfortunately the piping did not go all the way up the sides like it was supposed…very disappointing. I think when I make this again I will make it without the zipper but add a large magnetic snap to the top. I think that would be perfect. The bag is very sturdy and has a lot of substance due to the fusible fleece. There are four large pockets on the inside and although the straps look short I think they were perfect, although i did reinforce mine more than was suggested in the pattern. Also this pattern has you do a double layer of interfacing if you use regular quilting weight fabric instead of home dec – I think I would have preferred just using a heavier interfacing instead of having to double up on a lighter one. In the end I was very pleased with how they turned out.

I used Amy Butler fabric on both of them. For my mother-in-law’s I used Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain line in Blush. The Exterior was Deco Rose in brown and Sweet Jasmine in natural (initially I had purchased mosaic in kiwi but I didn’t like how it looked). The interior was Wildflowers in rose. For my mom’s I used Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern II line in Orange Dahlia. The exterior was Optic Blossom in Olive and Ripple Stripe in Sand. The interior was Fresh Poppies in Ivory (which I have always been a fan of!)


4 thoughts on “Amy Butler Field and Tote Bag

  1. I LOVE my bag – and that you made it for me! THANK YOU! I’m going to take it on my one-night retreat with the ladies in my Bible Study … I’m certain that I’ll have the coolest bag! Oh, maybe I should wear my gardening apron too … no, that wouldn’t be so cool!

    Love you, Ellie … you’re very FABULOUS!

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