One of my goals every time I’ve had a break from school since we moved into our house (which I guess was only two different times) I have set a goal to paint our bedroom, bathroom, and living room. With a whole month off for Christmas break I was determined to make it happen! Well, turns out I remembered that I don’t like painting very much and that it can be a lot of work! Nevertheless I did get our bedroom painted the week of Christmas. The bathroom will have to wait and the living room, well, I think I might need to hire someone to do that! The nice thing about our house when we moved in was that everything was white. Maybe that doesn’t seem nice but it was nice in that there was no rush to get things painted, but we still wanted to add some color eventually. So here it is, I painted our bedroom Shale Grey from Behr paints at Home Depot. I did 2 coats to make sure it covered well. I wasn’t thrilled with the result when I pulled the tape off, but it’s good enough for now – it will need some touch up eventually. Jeremy and I both really like the color and it really changes the feel of the room. I’m so excited to paint our living room, but like I said that seems a little too daunting to take on by myself at this point!

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