Brown Sugar Sticky Buns

These were amazing! And this recipe is amazing! Bon Appetit did a short article (that you should read) about Dorie Greenspan’s Spiced Sweet Dough recipe. The beauty of this dough is that you don’t ever have to knead it! I hate needing dough – mostly because I don’t have the counter space and it gets pretty messy, so it is amazing to me that I can make this dough in my Kitchen Aid! With this dough recipe, Bon Appetit offered two different recipes – the Brown Sugar Sticky Buns and the Streusel Topped Chocolate-Cranberry Bread. Now, I only made the sticky buns but I can’t wait to try the bread!

This picture is actually of the buns before I flipped them and let them bask in all their sticky, sugary, gooyness! These were definitely the most gooey and yummy of all the sweet roll recipes I’ve tried! And it makes 30 rolls – that’s a lot of rolls! I took one pan to work with me on Monday and the other pan…well, let’s just say that I’ve eaten them every day this week for breakfast (and maybe sometimes for dessert after dinner!).

Now, beware, after rising the first time, the dough has to sit overnight in the fridge. I failed to read through the recipe first and so I made the dough on Sunday night and got up at 5:15 in the morning to finish making these so I could take them to my meeting at 8:30 on Monday morning! (it’s always worth it though when your co-workers stand and clap while chanting ‘Yay Ellie!’). The beauty of this dough is that one you pull it out of the fridge to roll it out, it rolls out beautifully. One of my struggles with dough is always its elasticity and I’ll try to roll it out and it just keeps shrinkiing back in size – not this dough! because it’s cold and it holds it shape well. Also I was a little scared that it would be really sticky, but it wasn’t sticky at all when it came out of the fridge! So my conclusion – this dough is super easy to work with and tastes fantastic and the the sticky topping – wow! that’s all I can say! Even if you’re not a baker, I think you could make these! Yeast still freaks me out a bit but as long as you have some kind of cooking thermometer you can be sure that the water is just the right temperature for your yeast (in case you worry too much about that like I do!). This would be a great holiday treat – I can’t wait to try the bread!


2 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Sticky Buns

  1. These were definitely delicious! I ate them for breakfast on my birthday with a yummy cup of coffee. I love no-knead breads! Definitely a great way to have fresh bread in the house!

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