a lost puppy finds its home!

Last Saturday we had a bit of an adventure. I was busily cutting out sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies for my d-group girls to decorate and Jeremy came in from the backyard exclaiming that there was a puppy back there! We don’t know how he got back there but there he was. We put him out front hoping he would find his way home but instead he sat outside our front door for an hour. We went to a couple of neighbors’ homes but no one knew who he belonged to! He stayed the night with my brother Michael  and hung out at our house the next day. We posted flyers and one of the guys I work with in middle school ministry took him for the night (I was not going to go through the pain of having a puppy cry all night if I wasn’t going to keep him!). Thankfully the owners called the next morning. They lived on our street and this little guy had been missing for 6 months! He was only 8 weeks old when the lost him – what a little survivor! It was kind of fun to have him around but I think it made us realize we can’t have another dog. Turner is a one dog family and we appreciate him even more now! That puppy was cute but he was not house trained, crate trained, or fixed…I’m glad he went home to his family!


4 thoughts on “a lost puppy finds its home!

  1. I’m amazed not only that he survived out there by himself, but that no one snatched him yet before you guys. I bet that family will have a great Christmas, knowing their little furry family member is home safe and sound.

  2. I don’t think that I could have let him go…I am a sucker for doxies. He’s super cute…even with all the baggage that came with him. 🙂 Glad he is home safe with his fam though!! And glad Turner has his place back to normal.

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