Italian Sub Stoup and Garlic Toast Floaters

No picture today 😦 sorry. *Turns out I did take a picture of this! On monday I made the  Italian Sub Stoup and Garlic Toast Floaters from my Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats–A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners (A 30-Minute Meal Cookbook). So far the recipes in this book have been pretty hit or miss but I’m forging ahead and this one was a hit! Jeremy loved this soup or ‘stoup’ as Rachel calls it since it’s kind of between a soup and a stew. This soup really does taste like an Italian sub sandwich – which I love! I used low sodium chicken stock and also used turkey pepperoni in an attempt to make it a little better for us. Jeremy loved the soup, but my favorite was definitely the homemade croutons – yumm! It turned out a little spicy on our end, but I think I went a little pepper happy! This is supposed to be a 30-minute meal but either Rachel preps her food a lot faster than I do or the cooking time doesn’t really include chopping up all the meat and veggies…it took me closer to 45 minutes, maybe 50 to get this finished. One more note and this has been the case with most of the recipes for this book – the serving sizes are huge! This was supposed to serve 4 and I’d say it serves more like 8. Maybe Jeremy and I don’t eat very much, I don’t know, but seriously – it’s a lot of soup!


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