Salmon with Warm Lentil Salad

I made this Salmon with Warm Lentil Salad from Real Simple Magazine last night. I didn’t cook the salmon on the stove; I decided to bake it instead because it makes less of a mess. I also added lemon juice and garlic to the salmon (350 degrees – 10 minutes for every inch). So the salmon turned out great, but didn’t really follow the recipe.

I really liked the lentil salad! A couple changes there too – I didn’t use arugula (I wanted to but I planned this recipe last week and my arugula had gone bad 😦 )I also used dried parsley instead of of fresh.

So, tasty, easy, healthy, quick…it’s a keeper!


2 thoughts on “Salmon with Warm Lentil Salad

    • Jeremy wasn’t a big fan of the lentils but it might have been that he thought the taste was too strong – dijon mustard and red onions can be pretty potent!

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